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With more businesses going online these days, it’s getting harder and harder to rank your website to show up on the first page of Google. Business listings are critically important to help with website rankings these days. Especially finding business resources related specifically to your niche or type of business. Our business directory was created specifically by SEO experts to help entities rank in the home improvement niche. 

Our website is powered by SEO experts who have the knowledge to make your business get the results that you want when it comes to website rankings.  When you register with our business directory you get complete control of the seo value that you want to add to your website.

Key Features of our Business Listing:

You Can Choose Your Anchor Text

For those of you who don’t know, the words of the link text can help your website’s rankings.  This is called anchor text.  When you sign up to us, you can choose whatever anchor text you want to use.  You don’t have to use the business name as the linking text to the website.

You Can Link To Your Top six Social Profiles

When you sign up with us, you don’t only get a link to your website.  We also allow you to link to up to six of your favorite social profiles.  We also let you use whatever anchor text you want to link to the social profiles.  If you do this across multiple social properties it acts as something called domain authority stacking, which is taking the power from high domain authority social profiles and stacking it with more links.  This is a definite added bonus for people who know seo.  

Choose Your Business Type

Why Choose Us


There are many different sites to find local contractors. Here’s why you should choose our website:

Safe & Secure

You can register with us and know that your payment information is secure.

Manual Reviews

We review each submission to verify that it provides real value to our site.

Value Added

Run by professional marketers. We built this how we would use it. It will provide value to you and your clients.

List Your Websites: Join Our Network

In today’s highly digitalized world, it’s imperative for entities across all sectors, including those offering home services, to establish a robust online presence. Individuals, when embarking on home improvement, predominantly turn to online platforms as they search for reliable service providers. When you register your website with us, you are joining an expansive network that caters to a wide variety of categories, from plumbers to bathroom designers. By doing so, you exercise your rights to be visible and accessible to those who need your expertise.

Being a part of our network also offers you the chance to showcase your unique skills and services. Are you a plumber specializing in advanced systems? Or perhaps you’re focused on creating custom kitchens designed to the client’s specifications? Whatever your specialty, our platform offers you the opportunity to stand out and attract those who are looking for exactly what you offer.

Business Directory Services: Your Guide to Home Improvements

Our home directory isn’t merely a place for providers to register their websites and services; it’s a comprehensive guide for those embarking on home improvement projects. We host an extensive array of articles that cover various aspects of home renovations, from energy-efficient upgrades to cost-effective solutions. These offer insights into how to work effectively with a contractor, ensuring that the project proceeds smoothly from start to finish.

Whether a homeowner is looking for services to revamp their kitchen with the latest appliances or add a stunning deck to their house, our platform has the information they need. From understanding the intricacies of planning a renovation to the final execution, we aim to guide individuals through every step of their home improvement journey.

Enhancing Your Service Visibility More with Us

Every home provider recognizes the importance of visibility in delivering services. The higher your visibility, the higher your chances of being chosen for their projects. We assist you in enhancing your visibility by showcasing your presence in relevant sectors.

For instance, if you specialize in outdoor projects like landscaping or garage construction, we ensure your company is prominently featured in these sectors. This targeted visibility not only increases the likelihood of clients finding your services but can also lead to increased sales and growth for you.

Choose Our Improvement Directories: Safe, Secure, and Value-Added

Choosing our home improvement directories means choosing safety, security, and added value in services.  We manually review every submission to ensure it provides real value to our users. Furthermore, we prioritize the safety and security of your payment information. Lastly, our home directory is run by professional marketers who understand your needs in the home improvement sector.

We built this platform with the intention of providing value to both providers and homeowners. So, whether you’re looking to replace your old floor with a new, modern design or install a state-of-the-art water system in your home, our platform is the place to be. With us, you can rest assured that your services will be seen by the right audience at the right time.

When it comes to remodelling or building, we know that visibility matters in the provision of services. That’s why we’ve designed our platform to showcase your services effectively, ensuring that those in need of home improvement can easily find you. So, sign up today and start showcasing your services on our platform, where quality meets visibility.

The Home Improvement Directory Services

Home improvement is an essential aspect of maintaining and enhancing the appeal, functionality, and value of a residential property. Whether you need to fix a leaky roof, renovate your kitchen, install new flooring, or improve your home’s power efficiency, there are numerous professionals out there who can help you achieve your goals. However, finding the right contractor can be a daunting task, especially without the proper insights.

This is where our platform comes into play. We provide an extensive range of offerings, including plumbing, electrical, HVAC, roofing, painting, carpentry, landscaping, and additional services. We are dedicated to connecting individuals with qualified, reputable, and experienced companies who can help them achieve their objectives.

Our services offer several benefits, including:

Convenience: Instead of spending hours researching different providers and reading reviews, individuals can quickly and easily find the professionals they need in one place. Our platform is organized by category and location, making it easy for users to find what they are looking for.

Quality: We only accept licensed and certified individuals who have passed stringent background checks. This ensures that individuals only deal with reputable and trustworthy professionals, reducing their risk of getting scammed or ripped off.

Savings: By using our platform, customers can compare prices and get quotes from multiple providers. This allows them to select the best professional at the right price, saving them money in the long run.

Expertise: Many of the professionals listed on our platform are industry experts with years of experience and specialized knowledge. This means that clients get access to top-notch expertise and advice, helping them make informed decisions about their projects.

Guaranteed satisfaction: We offer a satisfaction guarantee to our users. If an individual is not satisfied with the quality or timeliness of a professional’s job, they can report the issue to us, and the issue will be resolved promptly.

Here are some of the advantages of registering on our platform:

Increased visibility: By registering on our platform, you can increase their visibility and reach a wider audience. This can lead to additional opportunities and increased revenue.

Credibility: Being listed on our platform adds credibility by showcasing their licenses, certifications, and expertise. This can help build trust with potential clients and increase the likelihood of securing contracts.

Competitive advantage: Our platform allows you to showcase your unique skills and expertise, giving you a competitive edge over your peers.

Targeted marketing: Our platform allows you to target specific markets and audiences based on location, category, and other criteria. This enables you to connect with potential clients who are looking for specific professionals in their area.

In conclusion, we are an invaluable resource for individuals looking to improve their homes. We provide a comprehensive range of services, connect customers with qualified and trustworthy professionals, and offer several benefits, including convenience, quality, savings, expertise, and a satisfaction guarantee. For professionals, registering services with us can increase visibility, credibility, competitive advantage, and targeted marketing. Overall, we serve as a bridge between customers and professionals, facilitating better communication, collaboration, and satisfaction.

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